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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 13, 2019 1:07am-1:43am PDT

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police in the east bay looking for a suspect who tried setting this family's home on fire twice in one week. a 12-year-old girl was attacked by a bully in a classroom and the teacher just walked away. back on the baseball field. how he's helping to build a better bay area. >> i'm in san francisco. a wallpaper at a restaurant is making many stop and take a picture. we'll tell you why. abc7 news starts right now. an east bay family is on edge tonight. they've been target twice this week by a suspected arsonist. >> the latest fire forced the mother and son to flee by the balcony. live in berkeley with reaction. >> yeah. i'm at the berkeley fire
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department. it's been a scary week for neighbors after a family's home targeted not once but twice in one week by a suspected arsonist. >> people could have been injured and lives could have been lost. >> berkeley neighbors are fearful after a fire broke out. the charred entry is now off limits. >> there was an uber driver on the corner. he saw what happened. banged on our door and told us to come outside. i initially grabbed a fire extinguisher thinking it was something small. >> reporter: the mother and son were trapped by the flames. they were rescued by firefighters. >> poem were brought down the back off the balcony and evaluated by the paramedics. >> they believe it was no accident. it was intentionally set. >> we did find what appeared to be some rags or a fabric that had such flammable liquid. >> reporter: the battalion chief says witnesses reported seeing a man run away from the fire. on tuesday, a molotov cocktail
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was thrown at a window in the same apartment but likely missed. >> my mom came out and put the fire out with the fire extinguisher the first time because it was really small. >> reporter: police investigating they don't i don't know the family was targeted. neighbors are worried about their own safety. >> i want to catch this person. it is the least we can do. >> i hope somebody comes out and sys if they saw anything. that's somebody's life. >> reporter: officials say there is no description on the man seen running away from the fire overnight. the mother and son were not injured. neighbors say they have now moved to a new apartment. live in berkeley, abc7 news. a 12-year-old girl says her which is a mates had been bullying her for months after there was a demand for answers, the district has now suspended the principal and the teacher in that which is a room. dan has the story you'll see
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only on 7. >> reporter: what sets this attack apart from others we've seen is the teacher's response. looking at the beginning of the video again. that's stewart elementary jeremy raising his hands and walking away. >> i was shocked that he didn't do anything. most teachers go and try to stop it. he didn't do anything. >> reporter: the beating the 12-year-old suffered continued for 40 seconds until a p.e. teacher came to her aid. >> she called me and said mom, she hit me. >> reporter: she saw her daughter's bruises and took her to the hospital for evaluation. thankfully no serious injuries. the enormity of what happened didn't really sink in until she saw that video the next day. it circulated among students and on social media. >> i never thought i would see my child having to go through this. >> it made me sad that my mom was crying. >> reporter: carla tells me she first complained to the school
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five months ago about her daughter being bullied, describing the teasing about her height, her hair, her friends, even during which is a. >> i couldn't focus. i want to learn and not just hear her always talking about me and saying stuff. >> reporter: the mom started keeping a list of alleged incidents and says the pressure escalated when the other students sang an obscene tract. she want you to see that. she's a school bus driver herself and she said after she complained to the west contra costa school district again, the bullying stopped for a while. then came the classroom beating on march 25th. she confronted the teacher. >> okay. now what are you going to do? i told you last time that i wanted to avoid something like the to happen and it was just a matter of time. he goes, i don't know. i can't tell you what i'm going to do. i was like, are you serious? >> reporter: she kept her home for two weeks and she said the
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school never called to check on her daughter or to provide make-up work. i went to the school this week -- >> she started beating her back, pulling her hair. >> reporter: with her parents' permission, spoke with students during the attack. >> i thought it was crazy. why do you need to fight? >> she was just trying to avoid the fight but she got beat up really bad. >> reporter: the principal and the teacher would not come out to discuss what that. i waited for hours and they left without my seeing them. i returned the next day to find principal's parking space empty and to watch her return to school. her mother met with a district official. >> was there an apology? >> definitely there was. they accepted that. they dropped the ball. >> reporter: the school district said they would email a statement about the case but i went to press for an interview and caught the superintendent coming out of a meeting. >> we are certainly disturbed by what happened in that classroom. and we've taken disciplinary
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action and both the teacher and principal are on administrative leave at this time which should give you some idea of how we feel the handling of the situation went. >> reporter: the family has obtained a temporary restraining order. the judge ordered the alleged bully to have no contact and to stay three yards away from her. but they both still go to the same school. >> i've not been able to reach the other family in this story. her mom has filed a police report and has pressed charges and is talking about suing the school. abc7 news. >> there are resources out there if your child is being bullied, we have a page dedicated to finding your ally through different prair organizations. bay area leaders reacted strongly today to president trump's threat to send detained immigrants to sanctuary cities across the u.s. they include san francisco and oakland along with alameda and
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santa clara counties. the mayors urged federal lawmaker to focus reforming america's immigration system. >> a solution does not include scaring parts of our community, it does not include dividing families at the border, it does not include punishing political opponents. >> the oakland mayor described the president and his policies as being racist. >> this administration continues to use petty politics and really just vitriolic rhetoric to advance a racist agenda. this is not american. >> the san francisco mayor london breed issued a statement responding to president trump saying, like so many issues, we're forced to talk about during this presidency, this is not a real idea or a real proposal. it is just another scare tactic and we are proud to be a sampg
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twa sanctuary city. >> drivers, beware more traffic officers will be looking for violators on san francisco streets. the announcement was made today by city supervisors and police. 15 officers will join a solo which is a in may and join the traffic department. this is the second round of training in less than a year aimed at reducing driving deaths. >> building a better braifr sometimes begins with a choice to do so. a former san francisco giant's outfielders threw out the first pitch at the home opener yesterday. >> now referred to as deputy sheriff justin christian, his love for the bay area led to a career in law enforcement. >> reporter: back on the baseball field but in a different uniform. the former san francisco giants outfolder turned deputy sheriff took the mound thursday notice's san jose giants game. >> the coaches, they brought back some good memories.
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>> reporter: standing beside the sheriff, christian threw the first pitch. his two passions cloyding. >> i wanted to get in law enforcement when i was in college. i never had that opportunity because i was blessed enough to continue baseball. >> reporter: a successful baseball career that landed him back in the bay area. he grou up in san mateo. he took home a world series ring with the giants in 2012. in 2015 he retired from major league baseball and went through academy a 84 later. his goal, to help build a better bay area. >> i wanted something that would challenge me and get the opportunity to go out and make a difference in the community. law enforcement was that choice for me. >> reporter: he said the transition was smooth pointing to parallels like team work, camaraderie. he's now championing for the people. >> i've always felt at home here. the community has treated me very well. it is the least i can do. >> reporter: abc7 news.
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we want to hear your ideas about building a better bay area. >> when people come to the restaurant, they don't just come for the food. they also come to stare at the wall. we'll tell you why. >> an east bay daycare cannot catch a thief. what was taken early this morning. >> remember the massive hammer heist, they're one step closer to cracking the case. >> look how stunning it is. this is a sign of
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breaking news now, there are reports of more falling concrete on the richmond-san rafael bridge. you're looking at the back-up at the toll plaza. it looks like nobody is moving right there. the chp says a woman was moving eastbound, just west of the county line when's the concrete struck her car. the bridge is open but as you can see, it looks like one lane may be moving but nobody else is. emergency repairs on the bridge resumed last week after more concrete fell following a february incident. in the east bay, police are searching for thieves who stole a van from a concord daycare
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center. it is the second van to be stolen this week and the third stolen this year. it was taken from the diana daycare center just after 5:30 this morning. police confirmed it was not the same van stolen earlier this week. it was recovered and is still in the shop. in the north bay, a massive sculpture stolen has been found. the artist, the six foot tall hammer head was found without its 21-foot long handle. the 800 pound piece named the hammer was stolen in early october. he will restore and return the piece. a three-foot nail marks the spot where it once to do is. >> a local san francisco restaurant isn't just gaining pop hear it for its great food but because of what's on the wall. the wall paper restaurant is becoming an instagram sensation. >> it all started with a picture.
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a perfect instagram picture. foodies like this one. >> first of all, i would never post anything that i didn't actually like. >> wall paper is the back ground of every photo. packed with bay area history. >> we're really about being a neighborhood restaurant. i think everyone on this wall paper represented something to a specific neighborhood or a specific geography. >> the managing partner says he never thought his restaurant would be known for the wall paper they bought last minute. >> where else had you find them? >> now talking about the characters on the wall, we had to meet the artist behind this wall paper. meet matt richie. in 20 phone a group of friends known as a lonely island asked him to draw four bay area characters and four landmarks to make a landmark out of it. is rest is history. >> do you feel like an historian? >> i didn't at the time. that was never my intent. but now i feel like people are really responding to it.
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so i think it generates a lot of nostalgia. >> to be honest, it is more than decoration. it is a piece of art. it to know more than a year to finish of each character more than 30 hours. >> lots of rearch. >> trying on get involved in researching that individual. it really made me long into the career of joe montana. i wassing who at photos and reference and piecing it together. >> recently they opened a second location. the artist has already got a request to add more people to the wall. >> i already know. >> in r, abc7 now's. >> very interesting stuff. >> the weather is interesting, too. in a good way, i think. >> lots of sun. >> i'm only going to deliver sunshine. i'm getting tired of all the complaints. >> all right. let's take a long of it was an absolutely glorious day. the winds were loiter. the sun was out. it was a little warmer.
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as you watched the stunning sunset, it is a preview of what's to come tomorrow notice. in case you want the take your man's outside, here's a suggestion. how about the beach? it will be gorgeous. mild to warm sfoxt degrees. b bodega bay, monday ray will be 69 degrees. if you're going to the joints game tomorrow, they're going to take on the rockies again. it's a day game. you couldn't have asked for better ball game weather. take a look at the forecast for tomorrow afternoon's game. temperatures in the low 60s. peeking in the upper 60s. and then coming back down. still very mostly cloudy around game time. here's a hive picture lock at the shark tank. we do have clear skies as we long at that vow. if you're going to the cherry blossom festival in jptown, it will be broit, boufl, 68 tomorrow afternoon and a him bit comer sunday. showing you a little patch of
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fog as we drop the visibility to about 4 miles. other than that, everyone is clear tonight. the temperatures are in the 50s and the 60s. and here's a dpornlgs view. vantage point. sunny and warm. we do have spring showers in the forecast on monday. so a clear start tomorrow morning. 40s, 50s, the only patch of fog i can foipd is along the coast. it will be warm in south bay. 77, 76 in santa clara, sfoif, sunny veil. 74 degrees in palo alto. sfoif, mountain vow. 66 in half machine bay. mid 60s, sunset district. downtown san francisco, a mostly cloudy 68-degree reading. in the north bay, you will be so long sunny weather. 70, berkeley,
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i want the show you what's ahead on monday. if you don't like the warm weather, we have cooler and wet weather on the way. yes, it will rain on monday. you will ned the umbrellas again. until then, enjoy the fantastic weekend. sunshine on the accuweather forecast tomorrow. sunday is cooler. and then a level one system prison us light rain on monday. after that, bring in the 80s. we're not talking about the motorcycl music. it's going to be warm. oakland
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aebsbc7 news was in oakland. the girls teams both captured state championships. today they reflected on their accomplishments. >> did i really, really hope the first day when we talked together, really did want that championship and we took it. which is amazing. >> it's good to get the recognition that we deserved. many people said we couldn't make it and we proved them wrong. >> both teams visited several schools. >> basketball in high school and all the pros this weekend. >> the road for another championship begins tomorrow. the warriors tip off against the clippers. the sharks stage an
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a shoot-out at the tank. six goals scored between sharks and the golden knights and that was just in the first period. game two of the best of seven. john link, vegas scores three times in the first six minutes of the game. a brutal start. martin jones was pulled. but san jose comes back. a nifty pass to logan couture. they get a second goal. just 40 seconds later. then joe thornton scoops it home. a remarkable come back. early second, vegas takes the lead back and a power play goal by mark stone. already his third of the series. 5-3, the final and last whistle. >> we had a horrible start giving up three goals in the first ten minutes.
1:32 am
and we know we can take it to this team. we have to come up with a better start. especially in vegas. >> the giants and rockies rally caps. extra innings. bottom ten. gerardo para but it stays just inside the yard. we head to the 11th. charlie blackmon with the drive. sorry, it is a long out. right now they're tied 2-2 in the top of the 14th inning. a's in texas. chris davis making time for pictures with a young fan. elvis has left the building. it is 6-1. after five innings. back come the a's. more than just defense. his third homer of the year. we are knot at 6. top of the eighth. it is that man again. he leads the majors with ten roundtripers. the a's win it 8-6.
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the warriors took off the nba playoff series against the clippers. this is steph curry at morning practice. he rolled his right ankle tuesday but it looks like he'll be good to go. the warriors are trying to become the first team in more than 50 years to make it to five straight nba finals. game one between warriors and clippers can be seen right here. it is followed by after the game with larry bea and company. game 4 will be seen on sunday april 21.
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. thanks for watching. >> from all of us here at abc7, we hope you have a great weekend. right now, jimmy kimmel live.
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tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." you got two shoppers -- >> and a baby girl in the stroller. >> see their sudden scare from the air. >> oh! >> the search for a car leads to a road trip with a perfect stranger. the 1500 miles behind the score of a lifetime. >> she's got to get video of that goat. >> got to get it. got to get it. >> the moment she realizes she's got to go. got to go. >> and posing in hollywood. >> got it? >> while helping out a tourist leads to a trick pick. >> does that look good? >> what the heck?
1:36 am
>> penny is nowhere in sight. >> what? >> yes. this is out of market in hong kong. two women and a baby girl in the stroller. as they are shopping, was that a window or was that part of the cere ceiling? >> it was a panel from the ceiling. these women are shocked. as everyone looks to see if the kid is okay, you'll be happy to know, she is. she's like we got to go. they closed this market off while they fixed it. >> hopefully checked out the rest of the ceiling instead of just slapping that one piece back up. >> exactly. >> reports are they are investigating it. over to china, we see a lot of daredevils. we're talking about leaving it to the professionals. the professionals have been hard at work in this situation. >> they are employees and they are taking a little bit of a
1:37 am
nap. they're dead asleep. >> everybody is asleep on the job. >> i don't see anything wrong with that. everybody deserves a break. what do you do, climb all the way down, take 20 minutes out of your 30-minute break to get down to the bottom. >> nothing to do with it being right or wrong. a question of whether anyone here can have a sleep that high up. >> it's fine. >> i guess this is what you call -- you are clearly not afraid of heights. >> that about that dream where you're -- >> worst dream ever. >> this 17-year-old kid in florida just got himself a tattoo. you know who is not happy about it? grandma. >> well, i can see that. >> yeah, check this out. our buddy, freshly tattooed.
1:38 am
look at grandma. she's not here for this. >> her body language itself is like -- >> she mad he didn't get grandma tattooed on -- >> he she gets a good look at the tattoo. >> okay. change of heart. she looks quite surprised and almost thrilled. >> she is shocked, all right. now she's crying. he gives her a big hug. >> way better than grandpa. grandpa hasn't been part of the picture for a long time. they divorced years ago. it is her maiden last name. >> why is this so special? >> after she did divorce her husband, she kept the name, she didn't want to go through the process of changing it. but it was still important to her beca beca beca beca beca bea
1:39 am
the name in celtic to make it more powerful. >> that video -- >> grandma gets to it. >> grandma, in the will, right? >> you are now. ♪ >> when you see red bull athletes, you're always expecting something incredible. the best of the best. some of the most extreme sports. red bull gives us this gift. some of the worst fails. >> oh, bloopers. >> that can be painful. >> red bull cliff diving, red bull cliff diving world series, 2019, starts soon. but they gave us some of their worst fails of the past. >> oh, my goodness. >> they call this cliff diving is dangerous, the worst belly flop you ever want to see. these people are jumping from 88
1:40 am
feet in some instances, going 52 miles per hour. >> oh, yeah. >> you get this a little bit wrong, you're hooked a lot. they got rescue divers right there. that's going to -- >> holy cow. >> looks like he got a few stitches from that one. that's going to knock the wind out of you, sting, break bones and ribs. >> some people do have to be pulled out after they hit. a dangerous sport, but you see people still standing there, still ready to go. >> yeah, we knew it was crazy, but -- >> watch the competition live on april 13th. meeting and talking to strangers can be scary for some people. and for chauncey, it is just a fun challenge he likes to do. and that's why he's decided to go on a 1500 mile road trip with a perfect stranger. chauncey was looking to buy a motorcycle from a guy online, that guy was wolf. he crashed the motorcycle before he could buy it. he wanted to get out of motorcycles and get into cars,
1:41 am
specifically the bmw e-30, a cult classic. chauncey decided, you know what, you find the car, i'll come with you and help you buy it. chauncey sits out from tallahassee and heads up to georgia where he meets walt for the very first time. along the way, they're going to talk to other bmw owners about why so many people love this specific car. >> it just has become one of those things, a great car, still widely considered one of the best cars ever made. >> is it because it is not available anymore and everybody wants what they can't have or is it actually that cool. >> that's exactly where it is. >> we're ready for adventure. >> yeah, cool. >> road trip time. >> what do you think makes your
1:42 am
community so special? >> i say all the events, oktoberfest, everybody is willing to lend a hand. i enjoy when other people have the same feeling. i grew up with them. i remember had they were new. >> they continue to hang out with other bmw e-30 community members. a lot of them out there like to talk about the car. they finally arrive. >> and here we are. north carolina. >> yeah, yeah. not bad. they make a deal. chauncey is pretty proud with walt for scoring such a nice car. >> winds up with a nice new car, a bunch of new friends and welcome into the bmw e-30 community. >> the whole family is here. >> clearly they're a very talented family. >> the story behind one sweet serenade coming


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